High Fashion International Group

Sustainable Development
Green ecology, efficient and intensive cultural communication, achieving harmony between production and ecology
We uphold the strategic concept of green R&D, green manufacturing, green operation and green products and integrate the concept of environmental protection into every step in the research and development, design and manufacturing process of our products with a foundation of continuous development and technological innovation. We also implement environmental projects involving aspects such as wastewater, waste gas, photovoltaic power generation, solar heat collection, ice storage, and our carbon footprint.
Energy Saving and Environmental Protection
Advanced Management and Technology to Build a Conservation-oriented and Environment-friendly Enterprise
Green low-carbon, energy-saving and environmental protection initiatives are crucial to the High Fashion Group in the process of achieving sustainable development of the company. Guided by scientific development concepts, we adhere to the principle of saving energy, reducing consumption and increasing efficiency, while vigorously promoting the construction of a conservation culture. Through the use of advanced technological measures and management, we maximize resource conservation, improve resource utilization, reduce energy consumption, and establish a green, low carbon, cyclical environmental protection system to achieve safe, efficient, harmonious and healthy development of the enterprise economy and environmental protection.
Cultural Heritage
Pass on Silk Culture, Transform and Develop Cultural Creativity
The High Fashion Group has always been committed to the mission of carrying silk culture forward and revitalizing the glory of silk. We integrate traditional craftsmanship with modern methods to place silk on the path of internationalization in fashion, technology and innovation. As the Belt and Road strategy continues to expand, the Group will bear an even greater responsibility to pass on silk culture at more and more major national events.
We Make a Living by What We Get, We Make a Life by What We Give
The Group has always been dedicated to supporting social welfare as a responsibility inherent in corporate development. Since its establishment, it has always paid attention to the social value and responsibility of the company and walked the path of charity. In the spirit of giving back to society, the High Fashion Group established a charitable foundation in 1992. It enthusiastically supports social welfare by helping to promote poverty alleviation and also expands the scope of charitable fund services, providing educational, medical and emergency assistance funds for employees and children designed to help employees in need and their family members.
School and Enterprise Integration
A Strong Alliance of Enterprise and Universities, Cooperation and Mutual Benefits
In order to better cultivate the highly-skilled talent needed by the textile and garment manufacturing industry and society, help students to better achieve employment, and promote cooperation and innovation among industry, universities and research institutes, the Group utilized its resource advantages to establish an integrated school and enterprise education model, and deeply integrate classroom education and training bases with hands-on training to cultivate application-oriented talents who understand both theory and practice. At the same time, the Group cooperates with many universities at home and abroad to research and innovate and realize mutual benefits and common development of professions and the industry.