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41st Anniversary Celebration of High Fashion Group Succesfully Held

Looking back on the past 41 years of High Fashion and its accomplishments, we feel grateful and blessed. We will never forget why we started, and will continue to strive for a better future. On the evening of 10 May 2019, the celebration of the 41st anniversary of High Fashion Group began simultaneously in Hong Kong and Hangzhou. Despite geographical differences, High Fashion-ers experienced this extraordinary evening together, sharing the joy and glory in one heart and soul.

During the celebration party, senior management representatives from Hong Kong and Hangzhou cut the 41st anniversary cakes. Guests raised a toast to celebrate this occasion and wished for a brighter future in the years to come.


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Since its establishment on 11 May 1978, High Fashion has transformed itself from a garment factory with over 20 employees only to a world-renowned silk, textile and garment enterprise. Together we have walked hand in hand for over 40 years, witnessing the growth of the garment and textile industry, and also the development of the silk industry in China. As in the past, we invited business partners and our staff to join this 41st anniversary dinner, to commend the relentless efforts and great contributions of our employees.




Mr Lam Foo Wah, Chairman of the Group's Board of Directors, expressed his heartfelt gratitude to all staff for their dedication and hard work over the past years. He reminded us not to be complacent, and to persevere so that we can grow stronger year by year. He also said, "Management for tomorrow is the most important guiding principle in High Fashion. We should take control of our future. No matter what obstacles we may face, we need to remain strong-minded, determined, mindful of not repeating the same mistakes, and work hard towards the right direction". Before he ended his speech, Mr Lam mentioned that he just received a group photo taken in the anniversary dinner held in Hangzhou and felt especially moved. He once again expressed his appreciation to all partners and staff for their support and loyalty, and he hoped we will reach new heights together in the coming years.




Mr Lam Gee Yu Will, the Group's Executive Director, mentioned in his speech that the past 41 years have not been easy for High Fashion. He was truly grateful to all staff for their efforts, and he is looking forward to High Fashion achieving more breakthroughs in the future.


The achievements that we take pride in today are the fruits of our past endeavours. Throughout the past 41 years, we have never forgotten the contributions of every member of the High Fashion family. We are forever grateful to all of you.




In her speech at the dinner party held in Hangzhou, Ms Kathy Zheng, General Manager of High Fashion (China) thanked all staff members from the middle and senior management teams, technical teams and all current and past employees of High Fashion. She hoped that in this new era, all High Fashion-ers can remain true to ourselves, and uphold the corporate culture of "fulfilling ourselves in fulfilling others, benefiting ourselves in benefiting others". With our unity and determination, High Fashion will flourish and grow stronger.

Over the course of 41 years, High Fashion embraced so many of us as a part of its family. Some of us see High Fashion as the one and only destination in their career, and Ms Zheng is one of them. She expressed her gratitude in particular to Ms Hilda Leung, whose relationship with High Fashion is similar to mother and son. Being one of the key founding persons of High Fashion and one of the most experienced staff members, Ms Leung spent 41 years in this company, witnessing its growth in becoming an industry leader. Her inseparable relationship with High Fashion has been established through years of  learning and growing together. On the 41st birthday of her "child", she had something to say.




"Hello everyone! Today is the 41st anniversary celebration dinner of High Fashion Group. I am happy to see familiar faces here. Having worked at High Fashion for 41 years, I have witnessed the development of the company and grown together with it. Looking back on the paths I crossed and the people I met, I have learnt so much from each and every colleague and client. Even during the hardest times, I see obstacles as opportunities for me to hone my mentality and skills. Although I am getting old, I am constantly seeking ways to learn and improve myself. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone here, who gave me the space to grow and become better. I am also grateful to the company for providing me a platform to work, learn and grow with all of you.

You may be surprised why I am always talking about learning and growing together with you all, in spite of my years of experience and old age. You may find my words unreal and overly modest.

However, these words are all from the bottom of my heart. Throughout my time at High Fashion, I have faced countless setbacks, reflected on myself, pondered the company's cultural values and the learnings from different training sessions. I have experienced hardships and the cruelty of the market with my teams. In unity, we learn and we improve together. This is the root of my humbleness. I would like to thank my colleagues once again for their support. Especially in the most difficult days, you gave me and High Fashion unwavering support. We have faith in ourselves and we are ready to overcome hardships together. There are many challenges ahead, such as the impact of Sino-US relationship on our business. To conquere these challenges, we must persevere. I hope I can turn the support I received into seeds of love, and sow them in every part of High Fashion (China). I will take more time to communicate and interact with you, so that the power of unity can come into full play, and we can build High Fashion as an enterprise that makes contribution on a societal and national level, and as a platform for staff to realise their aspirations. Once again, thank you for your support, and thank you High Fashion for giving us the space to realise our potential. Let's work hard together to make High Fashion a warmer, greater home to all of us. Thank you!






Ms Leung's speech touched the hearts of the audience. Colleagues hugged and thanked each other,  some of them moved to tears. What an evening filled with happiness and gratitude!


As we begin another new journey, Mr Lam Foo Wah, Chairman of the Group's Board of Directors invited Mr Ruan Genyao, the Vice Chairman of High Fashion (China) to express gratitude towards High Fashion-ers at Hangzhou, thanking them for their contributions throughout the years. Mr Ruan said that High Fashion is a big family uniting our longings and hopes into one place. He hoped that in the days to come, we will continue to cherish and protect it.

During the interactive session of the celebration dinner, High Fashion-ers wrote down their own experiences throughout their years in the company on cards and shared the stories with one another. Some people had a successful career, some found their soulmates, some built close relationships with their mentors and mentees. All of us were so eager to share our unique experiences with each other.




Mr Lam Gee Yu Will and Mr Lam Din Yu Well also sent their best wishes to High Fashion for its 41st birthday.

Will thanked every High Fashion-ers for their hard work this year. It was their dedication that made High Fashion's business progress and expand. Even though the competition is fierce and the market is changing every second, we remain confident in ourselves. Every High Fashion-er has his/her unique qualities. We will continue to achieve breakthroughs in industrial innovation, process innovation, business innovation and talent development, bringing High Fashion to a whole new level.

Well expressed his gratitude to Ms Hilda Leung. "Since the founding of High Fashion, Ms Leung witnessed the growth of the company and has become a senior, mother-like figure to us. After going through different stages with High Fashion, she places High Fashion's development as her top priority. She hopes High Fashion can grow stronger as a family. We will work with Ms Leung to make High Fashion more successful". He also hoped that High Fashion-ers can excel in their work and grow together with the company. This year is the 41st anniversary, and 1 represents a brand new beginning. He encouraged all of us to work out new directions for the company together through frequent communication and interactions.




Amidst all the laughter and words of gratitude, High Fashion's 41st anniversary celebration came to a close. High Fashion is at its golden age now. Facing new challenges and missions, we believe High Fashion-ers will march forward with more confident steps. With the integration of digitalisation into our business, we will become one of the largest, most competitive fashion manufacturing enterprises in the world.