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United in Fighting Against Coronavirus |Tong Yifeng, Member of the Standing Committee of Xiaoshan District Committee and Minister of the United Front Work Department, led his team to inspect High Fash

On February 13, Tong Yifeng, member of the Standing Committee of the Xiaoshan District Committee and Minister of the United Front Work Department, led Deputy Minister Shen Wenzhen and his team to visit High Fashion (China) and inspect our work resumption arrangements, as well as the implementation of our infection prevention and control measures. The company leaders thanked the Minister and his team for their visit and care, and reported briefly about the current progress of the company’s work resumption and its coming plans.


“How many workers are returning to work today?” “Have workers from other provinces returned to work already?” “What difficulties is the company currently facing which need the government’s assistance and coordination?” Having learnt about the company’s plan on arranging workers to return to work in batches and its strict policies (e.g. sterilising public spaces, production areas, company dormitories and canteen daily, doing mandatory temperature checks for individuals entering or leaving the park area, keeping sufficient stock of medical supply and promoting information about infection prevention), the Minister and his team complimented High Fashion on its proactive approach and hard work.



At the same time, Tong emphasized that when enterprises proceed with the complete resumption of work, they should always put the health and safety of workers first. During this critical period when infection prevention and control must be strictly carried out, companies should undertake corporate responsibility, that is working hard on both infection prevention and the resumption of production. If difficulties arise during the process, the government will provide assistance if needed with the aim to help enterprises resume work in a safe and orderly manner. These encouraging words further raised High Fashion’s confidence in proceeding with work resumption.



Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus, High Fashion has strictly monitored the entry and exit of workers, and the curfew of the park and dormitories. On the first day of work resumption, workers had to go through mandatory steps such as checking of face masks, health code and body temperature, and identity verification. Although the long queues made entry to the park area less convenient, workers showed understanding towards the company’s new policies.






In order to alleviate congestion at the entrances, the company set up three body temperature checkpoints. Checkpoint for the Garment Branch was set up at the first left-turn lane. Checkpoint for the knitting and trimmings division and the headquarters was set up at the main road before the roundabout. Checkpoint for the printing and dyeing centre was set up at the centre’s entrance gate. This diversion arrangement has improved the overall order.




Volunteers at each checkpoint guided the traffic diversion and carried out the procedures of checking and registration. They secure the frontline of High Fashion’s infection control and workers’ safety and health with strong commitment. Their sense of responsibility has led to the orderly management of infection prevention and control.

Knowing that the outbreak has not ended, we will go on to step up our effort. In the coming days, High Fashion will continue to do its best to implement infection prevention and control measures, improve the efficiency of epidemic prevention, and prepare the necessary conditions for safe resumption of work. We will strive to ensure that both infection prevention and work resumption are carried out smoothly and provide a safe working environment for High Fashion’s employees.