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High Fashion Qianjiang International Science and Technology Industrial Park Listed as a Key Industrial Project in Xianshan District, Hangzhou

Recently, Xiaoshan Daily News reported that the opening ceremony of major projects for expanding effective investment in Xiaoshan District was held. 36 key projects with a total investment of RMB 38.48 billion kicked off with a planned investment of RMB 4.47 billion for the year.

As one of the key industrial projects in 2020, the High Fashion Qianjiang International Science and Technology Industrial Park project, with a total investment of RMB 770 million, has drawn much attention.

On July 28, the groundbreaking ceremony of High Fashion Qianjiang International Science and Technology Industrial Park project was successfully held. Mr. Well Lam, Managing Director of High Fashion (China) Co., Ltd., elaborated his ideas on the three key points of the future development of the Industrial Park: creation, intelligent manufacturing, and internationalization. He advised in order to grow and develop, High Fashion must move towards new manufacturing processes to enter a new milestone of platform-based development which is compatible with AI, big data, and automation, improving production efficiency and keeping pace and growing along with international development. As an enterprise in Hong Kong, High Fashion must act as a bridge for internationalization and build the Industrial Park as an ecological platform to gather global talents and lead global fashion.

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The 36 projects to be started cover multiple industries and fields such as new smart manufacturing, new materials, biomedicine, modern logistics, social undertakings, public rental housing, and the Asian Games municipal supporting facilities. There are three main characteristics: first, the investment intensity is high, with an average investment intensity of RMB 1.07 billion for a single project, including 4 projects exceeding RMB 3 billion and two projects exceeding RMB 5 billion; secondly is the excellent composition of investment, there are 26 projects in industrial and service industries with an investment of RMB 29.42 billion, accounting for 76.4% of the total investment; thirdly, there are many livelihood initiatives, including the Xiaoshan Urban Cultural Park project with an investment of RMB 4.54 billion, the largest investment in the cultural field in recent years, as well as school construction projects and municipal projects in the Asian Games Village area.