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High Fashion Group Customized Tennis Uniforms | Promoting the Development of High-performance Sportswear with Green Technology

On 3-4 September 2022, Mr. Will Lam, CEO of High Fashion Group participated in the "The 30th Dr. Henry Fok Corporate Patron League 2022" held at the Victoria Park Tennis Court in Hong Kong.


Mr. Will Lam with the “High Fashion” team

Mr. Will Lam started his own tennis team in the name of the group as “High Fashion” and tailor made a set of exclusive high-performance sportswear for the team, aiming to comprehensively improving the team effectiveness and performance as a whole. High Fashion Group used a special weaving technology to make a fabric that features one-way moisture transfer, moisture wicking and breathable, improving heat dissipation and increasing cooling sensation to prevent heat exhaustion and heatstroke.


This fabric named InResST® Nylon” is made with some biodegradable recycled fibers and yarns, it is free of toxic chemicals, reducing the persistence of synthetic microfiber pollution in the oceans and synthetic textile accumulation in the landfills. In which, each ton of biodegradable “InResST® Nylon” can save up to 95% of carbon dioxide, 96% of energy and 52% of water. The functionality of this fabric has been developed through multiple rounds of laboratory testing, proven that it does not only protects the environment, but is also durable, skin-friendly and antibacterial, making the athletes to feel more comfortable and confident during the game.


Also, the sportswear is made with the “Aqua Print Technology”, a sustainable screen printing developed by the High Fashion Group using high-tech nano pigment ink and its unique formula. The product does not only have the best handfeel, but also saves for more than 60% to 80% of water consumption, committing to protecting the environment


Mr. Will Lam actively supports global sports development, caring for human health and fulfilling social responsibility. In the future, High Fashion Group shall continue to uphold its commitment to sustainability and innovation, aiming to develop more functional fabrics by using a range of biodegradable materials, enhancing sustainable development in the sports fashion industry!