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Innovating Fashion since 1978

High Fashion Group is a leading global fashion house. Pioneering the innovation of sustainable appraoch to fashion industry through manufacturing, properties, retail, branding and more.

Fabric & Apparel

High Fashion Group: Your one-stop solution for sustainable, high-quality textile and garment manufacturing.

Brand & Retail

In-house innovative design and production for our high-end custom, luxury, fast fashion, and lifestyle brands.

Property Management

Dynamic co-working hub, cultural park, expo center, and industrial park promoting sustainable silk and collaboration.

Our commitment in Sustainability

Committed to 3 zeros: protecting people, planet, and partners with zero emissions, waste, and water discharge.


Innovating with 3D garment development and AI intelligence for efficient, precise, and sustainable fashion solutions.

Life at High Fashion

Our office fosters a people-centric, entrepreneurial, sustainable, and innovative environment focused on planet protection.

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Our Global Presence

Our Global Presence