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Management for Tomorrow Corporate Culture and Budget Execution - The 3rd Phase of High Fashion Group's Executives Training Started

  First of all, let us review the history of High Fashion's executives training:

  The first phase of High Fashion executives training was launched in 2006, which was also the Class A at that time, and lasted for three years. In 2009, the second phase, Class B, was launched and lasted for two years. In the first phase and second phase of the training, the main was "quality cost" and we incorporated High Fashion's corporate culture into the training content. Through continuous learning, all trainees may seek solutions, think out of the box, initiate projects, implement concepts of "faith, solution, action, proof", and measure performance with data. High Fashion's core team has grown and made progress through training and establishing and implementing solutions.

On 28th March, the first lesson of the third phase of High Fashion Group's executive training kicked off and the trainees from all regions of the Group gathered together. The number of participants reached 184.

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The training topic combines the strategic direction of Management for Tomorrow and the problems to be solved. Before the class, each student has carried out discussion with the profit centre as a unit, focusing on the group’s mission and vision and the three-circle strategy, and developed the action plan. They were well prepared for the class.

Before the start of the class, Mr. Lam Foo Wah, the Founder of High Fashion Group, shared with us the concept of Management for Tomorrow, the spirit of "I am the master of my own destiny", and the viewpoints of "he who knows other men is discerning, he who knows himself is intelligent; he who overcomes others is strong, he who overcomes himself is mighty". 

Will proposed that the three circles concept is the core of our reforms. In the market, we should identify the right customers, create 5G products, establish the strongest management, achieve the highest efficiency, cultivate elite teams, and build the ability to replicate standard factories.

High Fashion is a group and a family. Although each centre has its own customers, it is necessary to utilise group power and let customers see our competitive advantage. Everyone must cooperate and there must be exchanges between departments. Through on-going training and sharing, Will hopes everyone can interact with each other frequently and pursue breakthroughs in the business through the power of unity.

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The Finance Department of the Group and High Fashion (China) also made detailed preparations based on the group's business before the class. Mr. Chen Weihua shared the key content of the training materials for us on behalf of the Finance Department. From the perspective of financial budgeting, Mr. Chen analysed how to maximise the profit of orders and revenue, minimise costs and expenditures as well as the factors that affect profit such as fabrics, raw materials, losses due to wear and tear and the size of orders. He also listed many practical scenario cases. Let's quickly open the Zhiniao APP, enter the High Fashion Academy - New Course Express, and check out the materials of "Management for Tomorrow's Budget and Execution" .


Then each profit centre sent representatives one by one to exchange ideas with everyone.

Dali Sheng: Ms. Su said that in the process of learning, we must clarify our thinking, because we need to develop all our ideas and directions for the future, and they must be integrated from different perspectives. Later, representatives of the Business Department, Finance Department, and Production Department also shared their respective action plans, aiming to expand quality fashion business into the mass market, targeting potential quality customers, reserving talents, building standard factories, and contolling quality costs.


Yihao: Combining the group’s three circles and managing tomorrow’s strategies, Mr. Chen Zhenhu, General Manager, and Ms. Liu Soyee, Deputy General Manager, proposed action plans based on Yihao’s current problems to strengthen the execution. They hope that through implementing the three circles concept, Yihao can achieve the expected profit of the orders and keep improving the efficiency.


Advanced Textile Centre: Mr. Liu Yumin, on behalf of AT, shared the key points of the plan for Management for Tomorrow's Budget and Execution. AT needs to develop 5G products, cultivate sales talents to improve sales staff's ability forcapturing more orders and build a strong sales teams, streamline costs, improve informatization, and make rolling forecasts of all orders based on historical data, so as to reasonably plan for production.


Knitting Branch: Ms. Zheng Lu, General Manager, pointed out that everyone needs to have a manager's mindset. She led colleagues in the trade department, sampling department, and production department to conduct an analysis on product development, sampling department efficiency and production, and put forward solutions and action plans. The common goal of all is to reduce costs and increase sales.


Garment Branch: In this sharing, Ms. Zheng Lu raised the current crisis and challenges that GB is facing. Billy also shared the current status of orders and customers of GB. He especially encouraged David and Sally of the sales team. The team managed by David is very stable with no staff turnover in 2018. Although Sally has had many setbacks in the past year, she has been persistent and led a lean team spirit. Then, colleagues in charge of the product development, production and trade departments shared action plans for 5G product development, standard factories, and cost management. Finally, Ms. Zheng concluded that what we value in the face of a crisis is the implementation of the action plan and the use of data as grounds.

Directors, CEOs, and department heads also briefly shared their understanding of Management for Tomorrow’s corporate culture and their opinions on how to implement the group’s strategy and improve the execution. Will emphasized that we shall continue to follow up on our key objectives to implement our action plan.

At the end of the training, Mr. Lam encouraged all the High Fashion employees and said that he thinks everyone here is outstanding and an inseparable part of High Fashion. To achieve success for High Fashion requires many quality executives and managers. Everyone must always be full of confidence and have self-requirement hoping to "be promoted, become a manager, and become a senior management". Everyone must take part in the management and have the mentality of an entrepreneur.